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What Happens After I Order?

All orders from your organization’s stores are processed all at once, after the sale closes.

Once a store closes, all items sold are ordered in, produced simultaneously, individually packaged and shipped to and distributed by your organization.

Why Is My Order Still Processing?

All orders are custom made - that means each order requires a few steps.

When you order, the brand ships your item to us first, so we can inspect the quality before items go into production

We then gather all your items into one package with your receipt on top for easy distribution at your organization.

The shipping of orders to your organization allows shipping to be free for everyone, and keeps turnaround time fast!

My Store Is Now Closed. Can I Still Order?

Once a store closes, all items sold are ordered in, produced simultaneously, individually packaged and shipped to your organization.

Since all orders from the sale are produced simultanesouly on a strict time line, we cannot take late orders after the sale has ended

The good news? Most stores have several windows throughout the year, and you can order in the next window.

*Some organizations purchase extra items to have on hand. Check with your store coordinator to see if there are any extras available.

What Size Should I Order?

Because we produce everything custom, we want everything to fit accurately, and only use products that run true-to-size. This keeps sizing is the same across the board.

To do so, we only utilize brands that most everyone has in their closet already - Gildan, Hanes, Port and Company, Sport Tek, Port Authority, Anvil, Augusta Sportswear, Fruit of the Loom, Bella Canvas and more.

If your organization is selling a product that differs from true-to-size, we make note of it in the item description so the customer knows to select a size accordingly

Where Are The Sizing Charts?

A sizing chart is included at the bottom of the item page, on every item. Click the link and you'll be taken straight to the page of the vendor, with all measurements listed.

When Will I Get My Order?

If ordering from a webstore, your order (along with other store orders) will arrive to your organization 10-14 days after the close of the sale, where they will be distributed.

When your organization hands out the orders is up to them, so if it's been a while since the store has closed, contact your organization or coordinator to receive a tentative timeline.

If you've submitted a bulk order, your order will ship 10-14 days from when it was placed.

Why Is Everything Produced After The Sale?

Producing all orders at once keeps apparel costs low and turn around times fast.

This also allows everyone to receive their orders at the same time.

I Received An Email Notification That There Was A Factory Flaw In One Of My Items. When Will I Receive The Replacement?

Our production staff carefully inspect all items before orders ship. If an item is found with a snag, loose seam, hole, etc, we will ship your order without that item, and send the replacement separately

This way, you can receive the rest of your items quickly, without waiting for the replacement to be produced.

All replacements are shipped directly to your residence in 3-5 days of receiving the notification

Will I Be Charged Shipping?

Shipping for webstores and bulk orders is absolutely free!

The only time an order is charged shipping is if your organization has requested that webstore orders ship to your residence. If this is the case, you will see a notification in your store that let's you know it ships to your residence & a shipping charge on the checkout page.

If a school or team webstore, your orders will always be sent to the school or team, not to individual residences

I Received An Email Notification That An Item Is Shipping Separately. When Will I Receive It?

Sometimes an item arrives to us damaged, are on backorder, or are temporarily out of stock. If damaged, your replacement item will be shipped to you in 3-5 days from receiving the notification, via USPS.

If your item is on backorder or temporarily out of stock, you will receive an estimated ship-by date, with the option to cancel the item if you don't want to wait.