A Little Bit About Zimmzang

Trusted by more than 50,000 customers since 2009.

Zimmzang delivers for customers in nearly every state and for Department of Defense schools worldwide.

Zimmzang.com is a family owned and operated company dedicated to providing clients with quality apparel and outstanding customer service at competitive prices.

As the son of a former teacher, Zimmzang’s CEO has seen how chaotic the spiritwear process can be. From searching for quality screen printers, creating designs, gathering orders, collecting money, and issuing receipts, to sorting and distributing hundreds of items once they arrive, the process can be overwhelming and stressful! He knew there must be a better solution - an easier way to gather orders and sizes, relieve the burden of accounting and receipting, make distribution a cinch, and alleviate being stuck with extra, unneeded inventory - all while still fundraising for school and P.E. programs.

And that’s how, in early 2009, Zimmzang.com was born.

Since 2009 Zimmzang.com has been committed to making the spiritwear process easy. Zimmzang designs custom webstores to provide quality apparel at competitive prices on a high-tech, user-friendly platform. With instant online transactions and receipting, ordering and accounting are a cinch. Zimmzang accurately sorts and packages all of the orders, making delivery and distribution a breeze. Because customers order directly through the website, schools, teams and organizations are never stuck with extra inventory, and fundraising proceeds can be consolidated into one check delivered to the organizer once the order ships. Zimmzang’s outstanding customer service takes away all of the stress of spiritwear all while advancing efficiency and boosting fundraising capacity.

In addition to online services, Zimmzang is dedicated to providing fast turnaround on bulk ordersfor local and nationwide customers alike at one low price. Since its creation, Zimmzang.com has helped thousands of schools, teams and organizations provide their students, staff, members, fans, and coworkers with quality apparel and creative designs.

It’s our job to make your job easy!

Our facility is located at:
351 United Ct.
Lexington, KY 40509